15 Health Benefits of Eating Lanzone Fruit

By Jennifer Novabos - October 2, 2023
15 Health Benefits of Eating Lanzone Fruit

Lanzone fruit is a sweet, delicious, round to oval berry native to Malayan Peninsular tropical fruiting trees in the Mahogany family. Its refreshingly sweet and tangy flavor is appreciated by many fruit lovers in the Southeast Asian countries.

It is chiefly grown in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand, and Brunei. Some of the common names are Duku, langsat, lansa, langseh, langsep, lansone, or kokosan, etc.

Lanzone tree grows well under tropical humid environments. It is a long erect plant, which begins to yield after about 4 years of plantation and continues to produce fruits for over 100 years. Duku, longkong, paete, and Jolo are popular cultivars among the farmers.

Small, yellow flowers appear from April to June, which develop into greenish berries in clusters. The fruits are ready for harvesting between August and November when their skin color turns brownish-yellow.

Each Lanzones berry measures about 3.5 to 4 cm in diameter with the thick, hairy outer skin. The leathery skin in raw unripe fruits emits clear milk-like resin.

Inside, the segmented fleshy aril is almost gel-like, semi-translucent. It's flavor is sweet and lightly acidic like longan or lychee, juicy and refreshing. The seeds are soft, bitter, and should be discarded.

1.  Lanzones/Lansones Fruit is a Great Source of Antioxidant

Fighting free radicals is a must. Thus, it prevents one from suffering from long-term and chronic diseases. The good thing about Lanzones is that it could also work its magic in this case through its enormous content of antioxidants.

2.  It has anti-aging properties

The aging of cells in one’s body could be lessened through Lanzones/Lansones. Its anti-aging properties then could protect not only the skin but also the entirety of one’s body and health.

3. Lanzones/Lansones Fruit Strengthens the Teeth

A stronger and much healthier set of teeth is possible through the phosphorus content of Lanzones. Because of this, one can be assured that the teeth are extra protected from breaking or accidental removal.

4.  It maintains a healthy gum

Gum-related conditions are some of the most neglected conditions, without knowing that there could be a lot of possible complications if one is suffering from unhealthy gums. Vitamin C it has reinforces the strengths and health condition of the gums.

5.  Lanzones Fruit promotes a Stronger Immune System

Defend your body and health against diseases by having a strong immune system. The Vitamin C content of Lanzones is also a powerful way to guard one’s immune system and to make sure that the body receives and enough content of it.

6.  It Can Facilitate Weight Loss

When an individual regularly consumes Lanzones, the body is able to develop carnitine. This particular substance helps the body process and burn the excess fat in the body, making one loose unnecessary fat. Thus, resulting in weight loss.

7. Lanzones/Lansones Fruit Regulates the Digestive System

Fiber is the solution if one constantly feels constipated or bloated. Through the fiber content of Lanzones, there would be a much-regular bowel movement. Because of this, the disposal of waste from one’s body is regulated into a normal level.

8.  It Promotes Healthy Skin

Lanzones/lansones also hold a content of Vitamin E which is in-charged of healing wounds, protecting the skin from the UV rays of the sun, moisturizing and smoothening of the skin and aging aids. So, taking lanzones as a part of your meal is also helpful in maintaining youthful and glowing skin.

9. Lanzones/Lansones Fruit Controls the Cholesterol level

Turning the cholesterol into bile acid through metabolism is possible because of the Vitamin C content of lanzones. If you happen to be worried about your cholesterol level and its irregular level, take lanzones with you.

10. It Aids Diarrhea and Fever

The Lanzones/lansones seed once pounded and mixed with water and served as a drink could aid diarrhea and fever. It only proves that the Lanzones fruits, along with its other parts are indeed helpful in managing one’s health.

11.  Lanzones/Lansones Fruit Can Prevent Mosquito Bites

All you have to do is to burn the skin of Lanzones/lansones and keep the smoke around you. I am sure that no brave soul mosquito will hang around you. This is for the reason that the smoke coming from the skin of the Lanzones has mosquito repellant attributes.

12.  It can prevent acne

Rub the inner part of the Lanzones/lansones skin in your face and you could prevent acne outbreak. It also provides a smoothening effect plus repellant for possible insects and mosquitos. Better confidence brought by your skin? Give Lanzones skin a shot as your beauty routine.

13.  Lanzones/Lansones Fruit Can treat Worms

This is particularly applicable to children. All you have to do is pound the seeds and mix it with a ¼ cup of water. Drink this solution twice a day and there will be a great improvement in treating the worms.

14.  It can make one’s hair healthy

Preventing hair loss and nourishing the hair is possible by making use of Lanzones as a natural hair mask. The content of it is extremely helpful in making your scalp and the entirety of your hair healthy.

15.  Lanzones/Lansones Fruit Can Maintain Healthy Nails

Opening Lanzones/lansones using one’s nail is a good way to care for the nails. Not only it makes the tips stronger, but it also aids the dirt found at the bottom part of the nails. So, be ready to have a healthy and stronger set of nails.

These are just some of the health benefits of Lanzones.

I like Lanzones and we always have them if they’re in season. I think they are harvested at the same time as when rambutan is in season.

This is a bit different, but my favorite Lanzones health benefit is its ability to repel mosquitoes. I chose this because we’ve done this before, and it was effective.

What’s your favorite health benefit of Lanzones? Or which one do you think you need the most?

If you’re not familiar with Lanzones, you should first talk with your doctor or health professional if it’s safe for your current condition.

In this article, we’ve learned that Lanzones is not only for beautification purposes but also for health advantages. I hope that you get to include it in your diet plan as well to fully enjoy all its perks and privileges. Good luck!

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